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How to Prevent Drive Motor and Ball Screw Failure with GTI

Unplanned manufacturing downtime is almost always the result of machine failure. Highly expensive, it’s imperative that manufacturers quickly identify the source of the failure and make necessary repairs to keep costs low and minimize the effects of delayed production schedules. By understanding various types of spindle failures and what causes them, manufacturers will be better prepared to handle unplanned downtime, if not prevent the situation altogether.

Drive Motor Failure
Many potential factors can contribute to drive motor failure. One of the most common, overheating contributes to around 55% of all drive motor failures and can be prevented by keeping the operating environment as cool as possible. Contamination plays another significant role in motor failures. Where contaminants like dust, dirt, and other chemicals can damage internal components, increased vibration and cooling fan blockage may contribute to the decline of the machine.

To reduce the likelihood of drive motor failure, manufacturers should aim to keep work environments clean and cool to minimize the potential for contaminants and overheating. Manufacturers should also employ predictive maintenance tools like thermography and vibration analysis applications to identify at-risk machines and schedule repairs with professional technicians before the device fails.

Ball Screw Failure
Like drive motors, many factors can cause a ball screw to fail. In addition to misalignment and environmental contamination, improper lubrication is a prominent contributor to ball screw failures. In its absence, poor lubrication will result in metal-to-metal wear and significantly reduce the life of the screw, leading to various related problems down the line. Another leading cause of ball screw failure is excessive acceleration past the screw’s critical speed, resulting in misalignment and unwanted vibration.

The best way to mitigate ball screw problems before they result in unplanned downtime, aside from keeping work environments clean, is to consult professional technicians and employ predictive maintenance solutions.

Time Is Money
In manufacturing, this age-old saying holds true. Resolving unplanned downtime quickly to avoid accruing any additional expenses and further delaying production schedules requires immediate action. Schedule necessary spindle repairs with the knowledgeable technicians at GTI Spindle Technology for quick turnarounds and solutions that not only allow you to resume production but also prolong the life of your machines and their ability to operate at peak efficiency.

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