Hurco Spindle Repair

High Speed Precision Repairs On Hurco Spindles By Industry Experts

Our Hurco spindle repair processes are the best in the business. We have state-of-the-art in-house resources and manufacturer trained technicians, so that your repaired spindle will be better than new when we ship it back to you. More importantly, we have full access to parts as well as complete manufacturing capabilities that allows us to repair your machine tool spindle properly the very first time. GTI is the spindle company for your Hurco service and repair requirements.

The Hurco Spindle Rebuild Process

Our technicians thoroughly inspect the spindle to identify the problem correctly before moving ahead with any spindle repair work. All spindles are subjected to the following 5 point assessment:

Incoming Vibration Analysis
• Incoming vibration analysis is performed in order to determine: bearing condition, level of unbalance, non-repetitive runout.

Assembled Spindle Inspection
• Pilot ID or taper runout on tool end of shaft to determine possible spindle crash or improper tooling.
• Rear taper runout inspection to determine possible over tightening of belts or improper tooling.
• Preload test to determine bearing wear or spindle crash.

Disassembled Spindle Inspection
• Pilot ID or taper inspection to determine spindle crash, improper tooling or overheating. Bearing journal inspection to determine improper bearing fits or use of spindle after initial failure.
• Overall shaft condition to determine crash, overheating, lack of coolant or overloading.

Bearing Condition
• An inspection of bearings is performed under lab conditions by factory trained bearing specialists to determine lack of lubrication, over speeding, spindle crash, overloading, loss of preload, contamination (coolant or other material) or overheating due to electrical problems. In addition, we have the access to all Bearing OEM’s facilitation and personnel.

Engineering Recommendations
• We recommend spindle design changes or enhancements to improve spindle longevity and/or performance. For example, if a spindle has failed due to contamination, a design change such as new labyrinth nuts, air purging, hybrid bearings or improved sealing design will be recommended and implemented.

Machine Centers Repair

Hurco Spindle Repair—Vertical

  • VMX Series VMX84, VMX64, VMC60, VMX50, VMC42, VMC30 and VMX24.
  • VM Series VM10P, VM10G, VM30, VM20, VM10
  • DCX Series DCX32 and DCX22

Hurco Spindle Repair—Horizontal

  • HTX Series HTX500
  • 5-Axis Machine – The SR Series and U Series can handle complex parts with reduced set up time and with accuracy.
  • SR Series VMX60SR
  • U Series BX30U, VMX60U, VMX42U, VMX30U, VM10U and VTXU

Our Hurco spindle repair and spindle rebuild comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty starts from the day of installation on the machine, not the day of shipment like many of our competitors. Call us to arrange your Hurco spindle repair and to get your spindle back into production. Toll free: 888-473-9675 GTI Spindle Technology.

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