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Precision Balancing

Spindle Machine Precision and Component Balance

GTI is a leader in precision spindle repair services that deliver the greatest value, highest performance, and the most dependable service to customers throughout the U.S. We also offer an extensive breadth of precision component balance services servicing a wide range of manufacturer brands.

GTI’s Spindle Repair Advantage

With GTI, customers immediately realize the benefit of our in-house expertise, as we offer precision balance service packages to suit their needs. Our precision component balance services are guaranteed to improve the overall reliability of your machine—from increasing power to enabling higher spindle speeds.

Why Is Precision Component Balance Important? Ask Yourself These Critical Questions:

  • Do you need to maximize spindle performance to improve productivity?
  • Would you like to reduce equipment maintenance costs and decrease downtime?
  • Did you know that by improving spindle reliability you can achieve the above goals with precision component balancing?

We understand that every customer has precision balancing requirements unique to their machining equipment. Utilizing state-of-the-art balancing equipment, our skilled technician will perform a series of precision component balance testing to ensure the spindle will deliver a stable machining process, which includes evaluating: vibrational dampening, leveling, load distribution, and spindle speed. This will ensure that your machining equipment delivers better and consistent accuracy during production. With proper precision component balancing, GTI will improve overall spindle performance and its useful life—resulting in saving our customers both time and money. GTI guarantees all precision balance work in writing, and also offers the best warranty in the industry. Allow GTI to help get the most out of your business by ensuring that you have reliable equipment operating when you need it.

One year warranty for all manufactured spindles and remanufactured spindles. If you have any spindle repair questions, please call us at call us at 888.473.9675 or And ask about our guaranteed cost reduction program!

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