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Predictive Maintenance Services

Avoid costly downtime by implementing a predictive maintenance program

Spindles that are on a predictive maintenance program will reduce the machine tool’s overall downtime. Using a predictive maintenance program helps keep your spindle machine meet your demands for higher production rates while maintaining closer tolerances.

Our predictive maintenance services for spindles is a program that works to predict when a machine tool spindle may fail or deviate from set tolerances. Knowing when your spindle is going to need repair is much better than having unplanned downtime – particularly during critical times of high production – and, as a bonus, it helps reduce repair costs on a spindle that breaks without warning.

Predictive Maintenance Spindle Services

  • Implementation of “alarm level checks” on all spindles: Although a preventative maintenance for spindles is designed to reduce a manufacturer´s downtime, extensive diagnostic procedures could take machines out of service for longer periods than planned. Therefore, GTI works with customers to determine and advise on appropriate alarm levels.
  • By implementing this fail-safe predictive maintenance procedure, it enables customers to determine when a spindle should be removed before a catastrophic failure occurs.
  • Evaluation of machine tool spindle performance: By setting up a predictive maintenance system to monitor machine tool spindles and collecting current data using a combination of instruments, comparing it to baseline and historical data, our technicians can accurately predict when a machine tool spindle will require repair, as well as the extent of services necessary.
  • Predictive Spindle Maintenance Program on-site visits: During a GTI technician’s on-site visit, they will also check the progress of a customer’s predictive maintenance program, and perform spot checks on machines. In addition, alarm levels will be adjusted, as necessary.

Spindle repairs and other preventative maintenance procedures can then be scheduled for specified time periods that will have the least impact on your productivity. Utilizing state-of-the-art balancing equipment, our skilled technician will perform a series of precision component balance testing to ensure the spindle will deliver a stable machining process, which includes evaluating: vibrational dampening, leveling, load distribution, and spindle speed. This will ensure that your machining equipment delivers better and consistent accuracy during production.

Our spindle repair services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One year warranty for all manufactured spindles and remanufactured spindles. If you have any spindle repair questions, please call 888.473.9675 or email: And ask about our guaranteed cost reduction program!

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