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Spindle Pulleys

Are you operating or maintaining centerless, ID, cylindrical or double disc grinders?  All grinding machines need pulleys to drive ball screws, dressers, workheads and grinding spindles. Worn pulleys cause vibration, reduce power transmission, and increase cycle time and machine downtime. If your spindle pulley is wearing out, it’s likely that your motor pulley is suffering, too.

GTI stocks a variety of spindle pulleys for varied grinding applications and can offer a solution for nearly any pulley requirement. GTI has over 4,000 spindles in stock with pulley options available to suit almost all grinding machine setups. If you use high-speed flat-belt pulleys or V-belt pulleys with one to six belts, GTI can assist you.

Along with standard size pulleys, GTI can manufacture special order pulleys. Special orders are a good fit for customers who choose to grind at higher speeds to increase production or improve finish. GTI can also have your pulley high-speed balanced to improve performance and reduce vibration.

To improve grinder performance, GTI offers matched belt sets, which reduce vibration as compared to single belt replacement.

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