High Speed Precision Repairs On All SETCO Spindle Models

Our SETCO spindle repair service includes in-house expertise in taking care of any spindle machine tool repair work for all SETCO high performance spindle product lines – from SETCO’s belt driven spindles (Sentry line) to SETCO’s Motorized Compact Spindles (MCS). We do ensure that the spindle repairs are completed on time, so that your manufacturing work is on schedule.

What GTI Provides

  • Guarantees a useful analysis of SETCO spindle machine tool that attempts to properly detach and find spindle problems.
  • Guarantees no spindle repair works get commenced before customers have got a list of suggested spindle repairs, in order to make a right decision.
  • Provides competitive rates and fast turnaround on all repairs and 24 hour emergency repair services; which may be done in house or a GTI engineer will be sent to your facility.
  • Hire only highly knowledgeable and skilled technicians to do spindle machine tool repair work who follow our tested and proven 10 step quality control checklist of spindle repair.
  • Implement final testing & evaluation processes of all SETCO spindle machine tool repairs to confirm products get optimum performance, vibration and balance in order to meet required spindle specifications.

SETCO Machines We Service:

Setco Sentry Line

  • All Models: Ranging from C017 to B090

Setco ProMetrix Line

  • All Models: Ranging from 040-030 to 200-150

Setco 4000 Series Spindles

  • All 32 models in this line
  • Including: 4000M Milling, 4000B Boring and 4000G Grinding Spindles

Setco Belt Driven Grinding Spindles

  • O.D. Models
  • I.D. Models

Setco 6100 Series

  • All 7 sizes

Setco 2700/2800 Series

  • All 4 motor frame sizes and 2 configuration spindles

SETCO Spindles, Gear Driven

  • 4200PG Series includes repairs in parallel gear lines on all five standard models
  • 4200WG Series includes repairs in gear driven lines offered on all five standard models
  • RM Series includes repairs in worm gear milling lines offered on all three base models

Apart from grinding functionality; SNK machines will attain flexibility, capacity and accuracy.

  • Belt Driven Spindles
  • Motorized Spindles
  • Closed Loop CNC Spindles
  • MCS Spindles (Including: MSC-1HS)

Our SETCO spindle repair and spindle rebuild comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty starts from the day of installation on the machine, not the day of shipment like many of our competitors. Call us to arrange your SETCO spindle repair and to get your spindle back into production. Toll free: 888-473-9675 GTI Spindle Technology

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