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Spindle Taper Repair

Our Spindle Taper Grinding & Repair Services Can Be Performed On-Site

Let our trained technicians come to your facility and get your spindle taper working good as new again

For spindle taper grinding and repair, we are the industry experts to consult. Since various tool holders are attached to the taper, the precision of your spindle is largely dependent on the taper’s quality. The accuracy of your spindle can be severely affected by a worn or damaged taper, which is why it is important to get it repaired immediately.

So what causes a taper to break or become damaged? A heavy impact can of course cause scratches and gouges. However, just general wear from use is often the cause. This is because the taper takes quite a bit of punishment while being subjected to high-speed conditions and regular tool changes.

As your taper wears, or is subjected to spalling from abuse or contamination, it can cause problems that can manifest in the overall deterioration of your machine. As a taper wears with time and use, it can cause excessive runout and a host of other issues.

Whatever the cause, you want to get your taper fixed as soon as possible. In addition to wear of other parts, taper damage can also lead to poor production. Furthermore, it often leads to fretting; the effects of which can be seen in the form of straight marks on the taper.

Often, spindle taper grinding can fix the problem. Grinding is an effective way of repairing a taper, and it also does not require the entire spindle to be disassembled. Our technicians can come on-site to perform this task so that you don’t have to ship your entire spindle assembly to us.

Sometimes, the taper is so damaged that grinding is no longer an option. If this is the case, we will work with you to figure out what the best option is for repairing or replacing the taper. After measuring and testing your taper, we can determine how much we have to do to get your taper back to its original geometric form. This might mean a light grinding in some cases, or complete rebuilds or inserts if the taper is in bad shape.

If you are experiencing a decrease in the production and quality of your spindle, or you are noticing tool chatter, then you should contact us to have your taper repaired by our trained spindle repair technicians. After we repair your taper, we perform a test to make sure that the taper is within specifications for smoother and more accurate runs.

On Site Spindle Taper Grinding and Repair

At GTI, our trained technicians can come to your facility to perform spindle taper grinding. Whether you have a vertical or a horizontal machine, we can grind your taper without the cost and time of shipping your spindle off the floor. We will grind your taper to its OEM shape and running ability. We’ve created top-notch specialized taper grinding equipment that gives us the ability to make the same precision taper grinding fixes on-site that we can do at one of our facilities.

For spindle taper grinding and repair, we are the experts to call. We understand that companies are not created equally and require different needs. We will work with you to determine your exact needs. We repair many different spindle makes and models including Kessler, Mori Seiki, OKK, Okuma, Mazak, Toyoda, and more. Call GTI Spindle today at 888-473-9675.

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