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Process Control Systems

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GTI can supply a range of process control systems for your spindle machinery, featuring Walter Dittel systems and components. When used for monitoring and controlling grinding applications and dressing processes, the efficiency and safety of your grinding machines will increase.

These systems are suitable for surface grinding, cylindrical surface grinding, internal circular grinding, gear grinding or tool grinding machines, whether grinding steel, ceramic or glasswork pieces.

Acoustic Control Systems

Acoustic Control Sensors are used to monitor acoustic emissions from your grinding equipment. By continuously monitoring sound waves, even the slightest variation in machine noise can be detected. This data can be used to prevent crashes, detect first contact, and aid in process visualization.

Benefits of Acoustic Control

  • Reduce “air grinding” time
  • Reduce dressing time
  • Increased crash control
  • Low cost
  • Easy installation
  • Reduced Wheel Wear

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