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Laser Cladding

Better Bonds, Durable Finishes, Quicker Turnaround

Laser Cladding
At GTI, we’re constantly evolving so we can continue to provide superior quality repairs with outstanding service, quickly. That’s why we’ve added in-house laser cladding to our service capabilities. This innovative process allows us to provide exceptional precision and durability, further extending the life and performance of your machinery.

Unlike traditional cladding methods such as thermal spray, plasma coating, or arc welding, this technology utilizes lasers to efficiently deposit protective or functional layers onto the components being serviced. This results in several benefits, including:

Unmatched Metallurgical Bond – Laser cladding creates a full and extremely durable metallurgical bond with the base material, unlike plasma or thermal spray coatings which are prone to flaking.

Void-Free Assurance – Laser delivers a 100% dense coating, eliminating voids or porosity associated with alternative methods.

Minimized Thermal Distortion – The process requires 80% less heat input compared to arc cladding, resulting in significantly reduced thermal distortion. This eliminates the need for post-processing to correct distortions, which reduces lead time.

Narrow Heat-Affected Zone – This means increased part strength, thanks to minimal heat input, and smaller heat-affected zones.

Enhanced Metallurgical Properties – Reduced heat input means lower dilution, preserving the purity of the clad layer which provides superior metallurgical and corrosion-resistant properties.

Rapid Solidification – Coating durability is enhanced due to high solidification rates and low thermal input which allow for the use of incredibly strong materials such as carbides.

Fine-Tuned Layer Control – Laser cladding offers unparalleled control over layer thickness and surface finish, minimizing excess material and machining requirements.

Extensive Material Selection – Many material options are available in powder or wire, with the ability to interchange between them for optimum results. 

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