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Onsite Spindle Repairs

Spindle Repair at Your Facility

We can repair your spindle at your facility. During our On-Site Spindle Repair Evaluation we observe installation, operating and maintenance procedures currently employed on your machines. We can perform a machine component inspection, lubrication system inspection and vibration analysis. Performing these inspections will allow us to identify many of the causes of premature failures, and we will then make corrective action recommendations.

Our on-site spindle repair services include:

  • Installation and Removal of Spindles and Drive Motors
  • On-Site Evaluation — including Machine and Spindle Diagnostics and Electrical and Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Balancing Services
  • Maintenance Training

Onsite Spindle Repair Vibration Analysis

We also offer a spindle repair vibration analysis program that diagnoses a variety of problems on machine tools, including wheel-head spindles, work-head spindles, drive motors, and hydraulics as well as electrical problems. Vibration analysis data is collected on-site and then analyzed in our facility. We will generate a full report, including recommended corrective and preventative actions.

Spindle Operation Training

We offer on-site training seminars for your operators and maintenance personnel. These can be scheduled so they are available for all work shifts. Topics will include proper handling, removal and re-installation procedures for wheel-head and work-head spindles. You will benefit by having your equipment running smoothly, and by minimizing down-time and costly repairs.

One year warranty for all manufactured spindles and remanufactured spindles. If you have any spindle repair questions, please call 888.473.9675 or email: And ask about our guaranteed cost reduction program!


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