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Spindle Lubrication Systems

Lack of proper lubrication is a leading cause of spindle failure. To avoid related costly repairs or replacement, you need to have an optimal lubrication system in place for your machinery, and keep it well maintained. GTI works with leading manufacturers of injection lubrication systems and parts to support all of your spindle and machine tool lubrication needs.

GTI handles all types of lubrication solutions including grease lubrication, air oil mist, and air oil injection for standard, high speed spindle and specialty spindle configurations.

We can also supply the latest in lubrication technology, designed to keep your equipment well lubricated, in a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and safe manner. GTI provides everything from replacement components and accessories to complete lubrication systems for your machinery.

Advantages of GTI Spindle Lubrication

  • Improve spindle performance with continuous lubricant delivery.
  • Reduce spindle temperature rise, with “MQL”, Minimum Quantity Lube with continuous air flow.
  • Compared to MIST, higher air pressure reduces coolant ingress, extend bearing life.
  • Reduce spindle repairs and downtime due to “lack of lubrication”.
  • Improve machining and finish due to precise oil delivery.
  • Reduce bearing vibration on high frequency spindles, with precise oil delivery amounts.
  • Reduce waste, cut oil consumption 50% compared to MIST and save more money
  • Reduce airborne oil mist smoke and improve environment .
  • Monitor lubrication system functions, OIL level, OIL pressure and AIR pressure.
  • Optional monitor for secondary feed lines with digital pressure transducer.

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