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The Key Ingredient to Improving Reliability Success in Your Machine Shop

One topic we hear more and more about these days is reliability. Essentially, this refers to initiatives designed to keep manufacturing facilities up and running efficiently and, well, reliably. It consists of several components such as predictive maintenance, planning, scheduling, data collection and analysis, and much more. Today, we’ll review a critical component to the […]

Achieving Cost Savings with Improved Maintenance and Cooperation

The push and pull between production teams and maintenance teams is a familiar story on shop floors across all sectors. Maintenance wants to keep machines running well, maximizing efficiency and lifespan; production wants a steady stream of finished parts going out the door. We all know who gets their way most often. Production, who tend […]

Avoiding Spindle Failure by Understanding Vibration Analysis Thresholds

We know that small interruptions to productive work time are a hassle that nobody wants. That is why we often find that customers will ignore the alarm notifications when vibration testing is performed on their machinery. Frankly, we do understand the impulse. Why pull a machine out of service when everything seems, at face value, […]

The True Costs of Neglecting Spindle Maintenance

Unplanned downtime. It’s practically a boogeyman in industrial circles, and rightly so — every minute that your floor isn’t producing, it’s costing you money. The cost of unplanned downtime is bad enough, but it doesn’t stop there. If production grinds to a halt, the cost of your now unproductive staff adds up too. This doesn’t […]

Manufacturing Downtime in Automotive and Aerospace Industries

Timing is everything, and in manufacturing, this philosophical adage holds true. Where production schedules are directly affected by assembly stages, each piece of the production puzzle must work together. In a perfect world, the manufacturing process would be frictionless: machines would continuously operate at peak efficiency, and production deadlines would be met time and time […]

How IoT and Predictive Maintenance Expedite Spindle Repair

In manufacturing, there are two ways to approach downtime. The first is to determine what can be done to avoid production halts altogether. The second is to assess how you can manage downtime so that it has the smallest possible impact on operations. Where traditional maintenance strategies were reactive and machine diagnosis was subjective, technological […]

GTI Unveils Upgraded Wired iPad Vibration Analyzer System

GTI Unveils Upgraded Wired iPad Vibration Analyzer System 14 December 2016; GTI Predictive Technology headquartered in Manchester, New Hampshire is proud to announce a new version of our classic wired iPad Vibration Analyzer is now available. The new version is equipped with an upgraded DAQ box that accepts input from any standard accelerometer. A great deal of engineering […]

X-Phase for iPad Released

24 June 2016 – GTI Predictive Technology, Inc., creators of the VibePro iPad Data Collector, announce X-Phase for iPad. The new application enables cross channel phase analysis on the iPad. X-Phase is compatible with either GTI’s 3 port, 2-channel DAQ box for wired accelerometers or with the GTI-220 wireless sensor. A second accelerometer is required […]

VibePro-EX Now Available – Explosion Proof Vibration Analysis System

03 May 2016 – GTI Predictive Technology, Inc., creators of the VibePro iPad Data Collector, have released VibePro-EX, a groundbreaking explosion proof vibration analysis package for iPad. The package includes a wireless Bluetooth accelerometer, a specially certified explosion proof iPad case meeting all hazardous compliance standards, and a new version of GTI’s vibration analysis software, […]

M2M Strategies for Machine Tool Maintenance

  Check out this new article written by GTI’s president Thomas Hoenig on M2M strategies: