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Understanding the Four Stages of Spindle Bearing Failure

Bearing failure is a leading cause of spindle breakdowns. The truth is, it’s easy to take bearings for granted. Out of sight, out of mind. But bearing systems are at the heart of every spindle and can’t be forgotten. They’re highly engineered and manufactured to hyper-precise tolerances. As such, they require strict maintenance protocols and […]

How Investing in Predictive Maintenance Can Boost the Bottom Line

Equipment maintenance is one of the biggest cost centers for many manufacturers. Machine tool operators are certainly no exception to this rule. Maintenance programs of the past sought to increase the uptime and lifespan of spindles by ensuring they were well cared for on a routine basis, thus minimizing the chance that they would break […]

Critical Spindle Installation Steps: Balance Correction & Vibration Baselining

Last month, we discussed the importance of proper spindle installation. In particular, we reviewed important basic steps — pre-installation inspection, mounting, lubrication hookup, post-installation inspection, and start up/run in. But there are two steps that we left out last month. Not because they’re important, but because they’re the most important. Those steps are balance correction and […]

Spindle Installation: Getting it Right the First Time

We understand the impulse to get a new spindle installed, and up and running, as quickly as possible. Time is money, after all — especially in fiercely competitive manufacturing spaces. The fact is, though, that in their desire to minimize costly downtime, many CNC operators rush the spindle installation process. This simply sets the stage […]

The Importance of Warming Up Your Machine Tool Spindle

Over the past three decades, we’ve had a lot of conversations with countless clients and prospects. As you can imagine, they tend to revolve around spindles and spindle care. One topic that comes up regularly is the idea of doing a warmup cycle on your spindles. Responses have always been mixed — some do, some […]

Shipping a Spindle Out for Repair: Do’s and Don’ts

Typically made of high-strength steel, machine tool spindles are perceived to be solid, sturdy pieces of machinery. This is somewhat true, but spindle bearings and other mechanical components are high precision with tight tolerances as well as electrical components, all of which do not fare well under shock loads. So extra care must be taken […]

4 Ways to Manage Spindle Repair and Replacement (Part 2)

Welcome to the second installment of a 2 part series that focuses on minimizing downtime by strategically managing spindle service and repair. The Hotel Program Previously, we mentioned that storage considerations can prevent certain manufacturing locations from using the Spare Spindle Program. For them, the Hotel Program, sometimes called the Stocking Program, may be ideal. […]

4 Ways to Manage Spindle Repair and Replacement (Part 1)

Managing spindle service and repair — both in regards to scheduled or expected maintenance, and in surprise, unexpected maintenance — can be a surprisingly complex operation. Or a surprisingly simple one, depending on various factors and preferences. In an ideal situation, a good spindle service plan involves preventative maintenance, careful scheduling, backup spindles, storage considerations […]

The Key Ingredient to Improving Reliability Success in Your Machine Shop

One topic we hear more and more about these days is reliability. Essentially, this refers to initiatives designed to keep manufacturing facilities up and running efficiently and, well, reliably. It consists of several components such as predictive maintenance, planning, scheduling, data collection and analysis, and much more. Today, we’ll review a critical component to the […]