We Offer Spindle Rebuilds and Spindle Remanufacturing Services

Our spindle repair, spindle remanufacturing and spindle rebuild solutions minimize down time and keep your equipment running at optimal performance levels. GTI Spindle Technology utilizes the principle of total quality management to realize our goal of providing value-added spindle services that keep your equipment running at optimal performance levels. We strive to accommodate our valued customers by providing a comprehensive range of spindle services that include scheduled maintenance, in-house and on-site spindle service, spindle remanufacturing and spindle upgrade services, preventative maintenance and training. Whenever a problem occurs, we are readily available 24 hours a day to help you take rapid corrective action to minimize downtime.

Our Spindle Repair Services Include:

  • 24 Hour Spindle Repair Emergency Service
  • Acoustic Sensors, Balancing, Lubrication and Process Control Systems
  • Attachments, Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Bearing Condition and Spindle Repair Engineering Recommendations
  • Exceptional Spindle Customer Service
  • Machine Accessories: Broken Stators, Belts, Pulleys, Quills, Spindle Mounting Brackets, Variable Frequency Drives and Wheel-Holders
  • One year warranty for all manufactured spindles and remanufactured spindles
  • Repair of Precision Motors: Gearboxes and Rolling Element Assemblies Repair
  • Replacement Parts
  • Spindle Assemblies: Includes Belt, Coupled, Gear and Motorized
  • Spindle Field Service: Vibration Analysis, Assembled / Disassembled Spindle Inspection and Bench Testing and Engineering Recommendations
  • Spindle pick up and delivery service to every major city in the US, Canada and Mexico
  • Spindle Reconditioning: All Brands, Types and Styles
  • Spindle Repair: On-site and In-house
  • Subcontract Spindle Engineering
  • Systems: Slides, Chillers, Lubricators and Drives
  • Tooling Packages: Tool-Holders and Re-Engineered Shafts
  • Turnkey Spindle Packages

Failure Analysis and Best Solution Determination: Comprehensive spindle service comprised of a stepwise process designed to thoroughly and accurately locate the source of spindle malfunction and optimal repair procedure.

Spindle Failure Analysis Process

  • Our spindle service begins with creation of a database used to track and document your equipment throughout the process.
  • Thorough bench testing of spindles and motors. Includes extensive vibration diagnostics and spindle temperature analysis. Runout readings taken on all exterior surfaces with precision test equipment.
  • Each integral part of the spindle or motor meticulously cleaned and analyzed for any deviation from our lab tolerances and specifications. Optimal tolerance levels for housing bores and shaft bearings determined.
  • Following complete spindle analysis we send notification of results and provide recommendations for spindle repair, upgrade or spindle remanufacture. Process continued upon approval.
  • After optimal tolerances are achieved, equipment is reassembled in a temperature-controlled clean room.
  • Final balancing, performance testing and inspection conclude the spindle service process. All documentation included in your database files.
  • One year warranty for all manufactured spindles and remanufactured spindles.
  • Corrective action recommendations conclude the process.

On-Site Spindle Repair Services: Full spindle repair evaluation. We observe installation, operating and maintenance procedures currently employed on your machines. Machine component inspection, lubrication system inspection and vibration analysis to identify the cause of premature failure are performed.

Other Spindle Services

  • Installation and Removal of Spindles and Drive Motors
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Balancing Services
  • Taper Grinding
  • Machine and Spindle Diagnostics
  • Electrical and Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Maintenance Training

We are one of the industry’s leading spindle repair companies. If you have spindle repair questions, please call 888.473.9675 or email: info@gtispindle.com. And ask about our guaranteed cost reduction program!