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Spindle Replacement

GTI Spindle is the exclusive North American reseller of PERON SPEED spindles

For new and remanufactured spindle replacement, GTI is the trusted North American leader, and the continent’s exclusive reseller for Italy based, Peron Speed, who offers solutions for nearly every application.

You’ve treated your spindle well, and it has served you well. But the time will come when repairing or rebuilding your spindle is not a cost-feasible option. When that time comes, we can get you through the replacement process and ship your new spindle within the industry’s fastest turnaround time. Guaranteed.

Barring undue stress, your spindle should last several years under normal operating conditions. Many things can cause permanent spindle failure: exterior heat conditions, high radial load, high axial load, unbalanced tooling, drawbar actuation, improper power consumption, shipping damage and machine malfunction and/or programming induced error.

If replacing your spindle becomes a necessity, our sales and technical teams will recommend the right one. We guarantee the replacement spindle we ship will arrive in perfect condition, and with a one-year warranty for use from the time it hits your shop floor.

Replacement Spindles | GTI and PERON SPEED

We offer direct drop-in, plug and play replacement spindles for a variety of OEM’s including but not limited to, GMN, Gamfior, Fischer, Bryant, Setco, Grosite, Whitnon, and Ibag to name a few.

We also offer turnkey spindle packages including a new spindle and all related support equipment and accessories such as variable frequency drives, chillers, lubrication systems, mounting brackets, quills/tooling and/or pulleys.

Among the replacement spindles we sell:

  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Block style
  • Belt driven

Among the industries we serve:

  • Aerospace
  • Agricultural
  • Automotive
  • Heavy construction
  • Heavy equipment
  • Machine tool OEM
  • Woodworking

Our thorough procedures for spindle failure analysis, predictive analysis and complete spindle testing have made us one of the largest and premiere repair specialists in all of North America. We offer both in-house and on-site repairs as well as emergency assistance for when you need your replacement spindle fast.

In addition to a new spindle replacement, we can also replace your spindle with like-new, OEM standard pre-repaired, rebuilt, refurbished or remanufactured spindles.

Spindle Replacement North America’s Leader in Spindle Repair and Diagnostics

For spindle replacement throughout North America, call the best the industry has to offer, GTI Spindle. We’ll have your replacement spindle shipped to you and in production faster and more effectively than our competition. It’s our guarantee. Call us today for a quote, (888) 473-9675.

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