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Spindle Repair for All Makes and Models due to Low Drawbar Force

Prevent low drawbar force issues before they cause a spindle crash

If your spindle is experiencing low drawbar force, GTI Spindle Technology has the repair process to get you back up and running in some of the industry’s quickest turnaround times. Though repairing a drawbar has its costs, those can pale in comparison to the damage that can result from its neglect. A tool pulling out of the spindle can lead to a full crash and cost you a small fortune. Anticipating repairs is paramount.
Your drawbar holds the spindle’s toolholder, and like all parts subject to friction and vibration, it can weaken over time. Regular, bi-monthly inspection is the surest way to avoid trouble. If you haven’t performed one in a while a problem may be looming. Chatter; fretting, the degradation and discoloration of the taper; repeatability, the inability of your machine to repeat or duplicate a motion or action within a specific tolerance range; and degradation of the surface finish – are all signs that your drawbar may be compromised.

For optimal drawbar force, which differs among machines and models, your manufacturer’s guide is the best resource. Repairing the drawbar may be necessary at just a 10-percent force drop from the manufacturer’s specifications.

GTI is positioned on the cutting edge of spindle technology. With our groundbreaking, wireless spindle predictive analysis we find problems before they become emergencies. Prevention, problem solving. That’s what we’re all about.
Precision is key, and Ben Franklin was right. “An ounce of prevention…” Prevention, problem solving. That’s what we’re all about

Our new software sensors and iPad technology let us stay with you through the entire life cycle of the spindle and keeps us intimately connected with our customers. We have the strictest quality control measures in the industry and often exceed OEM balance specifications by 20-40 percent, leaving your spindle operating smoother, longer and better.

GTI’s uses highly trained technicians and state of the art analytics testing for low drawbar force issues and we provide you with a one-year warranty on all repairs. For help with low drawbar force call, (603)660-5993 or toll free, (888) 473-9675. We’ll get your spindle up and running, fast!