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Milling Spindle Repairs

We Can Fix Your Broken Milling Spindle

Our spindle repair service wants you to be running precision quality milling spindles and milling systems that deliver increased output and improved surface finishig for the execution of high speed milling operations such as drilling, tapping and slotting. Our experienced and highly trained staff of engineers have the advantage of years of experience and access to advanced repair and testing equipment. Drawing from this extensive experience, our technicians and mechanical engineers will partner with you to optimize your spindle’s performance and longevity on the floor.

Precision Spindle Milling Features

  • Ability to interface to a large selection of drives and frequency converters
  • Angular position and speed
  • Automatic tool change systems
  • Compact design
  • Control sensors
  • High axial and radial stiffness values
  • Increased metal removal rates
  • High torque and power values
  • High rotational speed
  • Temperature sensors

Our machine tool spindle repairs encompass everything, from increasing the operating RPM of a wheel-head spindle to balancing the quill. Please call us for an evaluation and estimate for your broken machine tool.

Spindles Repaired by GTI Will:

  • Produce a better surface finish
  • Increase productivity
  • Machine thinner components
  • Reduce component overheating
  • Reduce tool wear
  • Tighten tolerances

Our Static Converters are suitable for high frequency asynchronous motors and our FCB Converters Feeds brushless motors with permanent magnets ensures high efficiency within a wide range of speeds and work at high frequency (2000 Hz)

GTI Technology’s Unparalleled Vector Control Converters Offer:

  • Angular positioning of shaft with magnetic sensor or encoder
  • Elimination of instability at low frequency
  • Emergency stop of milling spindle in case of power loss
  • Very low speed milling spindle performance
  • Wide range of speeds at constant power

Our milling spindle repair service is designed to align with your business goals. Call us now for an estimate on turnaround and cost for your repaired spindle.  Call 888.473.9675 or email: And ask about our guaranteed cost reduction program

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