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Okuma Spindle Exchange Program

I wanted to tell you a quick story about a call I received today from a company out of the Mid-West. They are die casting shop and run Okuma Spindles. Like most of our clients, they called the OEM to see what the cost might be to repair the spindle. The Okuma representative told them about the Okuma Spindle Exchange program and the cost. The cost they were quoted was $35,000!

They were surprised at this prohibitive cost and decided to look online for another option. We are fortunate to have very high online visibility, and this company gave us at GTI Spindle a call this AM. We quoted the cost at $8,500. Yes, you read that right…$35,000 or $8,500…guess where he is sending his spindle? So..before you send your Okuma Spindle to the OEM, I would recommend giving us a chance to give you a quote.
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