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February 2015 – GTI Predictive Update

This month GTI Predictive is introducing two new products; both of which will be on display during MARCON 2015 at booth 15. MARCON is held in Knoxville, TN from February 23rd to 26th. 


Our recently introduced ultrasonic sensor for iPad will be at the booth along with our new pocket-sized thermography camera. 

The ultrasonic sensor can be used to test bearing lubrication and spot air leaks. The range and pin-point accuracy of this sensor make capturing readings a simple process. The app can record, analyze and use slow down playback for sounds normally impossible to hear. The app can also analyze any imported audio file into a spectrogram context. The sensor is plug and play; connected through a single USB cable into the iPad.


The new thermography camera makes capturing thermal images a simpler process. A tiny camera plugs directly into the Lightning connector of the iPad and either video or still photography can be taken right from the iPad. Images captured in the thermography app can be included in VibePro and reports from other GTI apps. 


These as well as our existing products will be on display at MARCON. Additional information is available by emailing or calling 603.669.5993.