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How GTI Utilizes Cloud Technologies

The internet and cloud technology is changing the way companies and individuals accomplish a variety of tasks. Last week GTI shared an article by discussing the impact the cloud has made on manufacturing performance.

In this post GTI will share some of the cloud technologies we use to be a more productive and streamlined company; as well as how some of our products take advantage of the cloud. The cloud has enabled GTI to collaborate across multiple facilities. By sharing files between the facilities GTI is able to take a look at breakdown photos and other current and past spindle repair files. 

The sales team always has up to date information because of the shared Dropbox folder. Files are easily accessible from their phones, tablets or computers and can be retrieved on an as needed basis. Order status and the contact management system can be easily accessed through a Cisco system on any computer, tablet or even their iPhone. The cloud system in place at GTI allows for employees to work from anywhere in the world. The same resources and tools available at all times with a simple internet connection. 

Last year GTI started to leverage the cloud in our predictive maintenance products by building out a web application platform. The first application extended VibePro to the web. Full databases can be uploaded and viewed from any computer in the world. Reports can also be generated from this web application. The move to the cloud allows one technician to capture the data and another to analyze that data from anywhere in the world.  

VibeCapture is GTI’s second application to get a web application. The app now supports a full database structure like VibePro and that database can be uploaded to a counterpart web application. Full reporting and diagnostic tools are available from the web app. 

Additional web applications are planned and some exciting new updates are coming to existing apps. These are just some of the ways that GTI has embraced the cloud. We believe every company can benefit and improve its efficiency through harnessing technology in the proper way. Contact GTI today to learn more about our web applications.