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WEISS Spindle Repair

This week a large automotive customer of ours shipped us a WEISS spindle repair job. Model 175301B a motorized grease lubricated 16,000 RPM spindle. It is used in the process of manufacturing drivelines.

Brian L. one of our technically trained team members here at GTI spindle technology was assigned this WEISS spindle repair. He began with the tear down process, inspecting each component as he broke the spindle down to investigate the cause of the failure and seek solutions.

He noticed fretting on the front bearing assembly and a slight run out caused by a faulty coolant O-ring, causing a slight leak and contamination. He detailed everything for the customer and wrote up a quote for the work to be done.

After approval, the repair process began. The necessary components were all re-qualified to WEISS spindle repair specs. All components were balanced, cleaned and tested. New precision bearings and seals were installed. A test run at maximum RPM was performed as well as a leak test and vibration analysis. The spindle was then subjected to our independent quality assurance check and upon approval was shipped back to our eager customer.