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Predictive Maintenance Driving Value for the Wind Industry

What is the true value in vibration analysis …

Monitoring is not just about the current health of the machine; it is also concerned with future trends and future failures. Using vibration monitoring to predict rotor shaft bearing – or “main bearing” – failures can be very challenging but can deliver significant O&M cost savings. If an operator is able to plan the maintenance events with sufficient lead time, they are often able to mobilise a crane or large vessel during the low wind season and have all the requisite parts and engineers ready. In many cases, additional cost can be saved by performing several similar maintenance events at the same time while the crane or vessel is available.”

One cost calculation showed that for a U.S. onshore wind farm, the value of predictive monitoring of main bearing failures could be up to US$370,000 per year. Translate this same thinking to a large offshore wind farm and the saving could be even more significant.

Source: – August 19th, 2013