Campbell Spindle Repair

High Speed Precision Repairs On All Types Of Campbell Spindles

Our Campbell spindle repair services are performed by highly trained technicians using our state of the art in house resources. Because we have full access to parts as well as complete manufacturing capabilities it allows us to repair your machine tool spindle properly the very first time. GTI is the spindle company for your CAMPBELL sales, service and repair requirements.


Campbell Spindle Re-manufacturing Services


Our technicians thoroughly inspect the spindle to identify the problem correctly before moving ahead with any spindle repair work. All spindles are subjected to the following 5 point assessment:

Incoming Vibration Analysis

  • Incoming vibration analysis is performed in order to determine: bearing condition, level of unbalance, non-repetitive runout.

Assembled Spindle Inspection

  • Pilot ID or taper runout on tool end of shaft to determine possible spindle crash or improper tooling.
  • Rear taper runout inspection to determine possible over tightening of belts or improper tooling.
  • Preload test to determine bearing wear or spindle crash.

Disassembled Spindle Inspection

  • Pilot ID or taper inspection to determine spindle crash, improper tooling or overheating. Bearing journal inspection to determine improper bearing fits or use of spindle after initial failure.
  • Overall shaft condition to determine crash, overheating, lack of coolant or overloading.

Bearing Condition

  • An inspection of bearings is performed under lab conditions by factory trained bearing specialists to determine lack of lubrication, over speeding, spindle crash, overloading, loss of preload, contamination (coolant or other material) or overheating due to electrical problems. In addition, we have the access to all Bearing OEM’s facilitation and personnel.

Engineering Recommendations

  • We recommend spindle design changes or enhancements to improve spindle longevity and/or performance. For example, if a spindle has failed due to contamination, a design change such as new labyrinth nuts, air purging, hybrid bearings or improved sealing design will be recommended and implemented.

What GTI Provides


  • The spindle needs to be removed from the grinding machine. Removal can be done either by the customer themselves or by GTI technicians who can be sent to the client’s site for removal of the spindle.


  • Post planning of Campbell spindle repair corrective actions, rebuilding as well as preventative maintenance work advice is given which needs to be taken care of before installing the spindle back into the machine.


  • The spindles are tested to check if all the machine interface parts such as encoders, proximity switches etc. are functioning properly and all spindles have to pass the vibration analysis and review of an autonomous GTI QC manager.


  • Campbell machine tool spindle post repair are reinstalled and checked for performance and reliability; which can be executed upon customer request by a GTI technician. Detailed documentation of the repair work is provided to all GTI customers.

GTI can repair spindles from the following Campbell grinding machine lines

Model ES-750

  • If you have an issue with a matter of dissatisfaction with the spindles, your spindles will be mending to restore the accuracy and speed of manufacturing.

Models 700 and 1000

  • For I.D. And O.D grinding, maintenance and repair for the precision vertical spindles will be done to improve the tolerance and accuracy.

Model 3000

  • Our technical team is qualified as well as skilled enough to take care of the rail rotary spindles in the rotary machines means for grinding with up to nine axes installed.

Models 930H and 930V

  • The tolerance of your grinding machines will be boosted with increased accuracy. Our experts can fix your machines with five axes.

Campbell 2000

  • The grinding tools are particularly suitable for your business in doing the drilling, milling and inspections. The five axes machines are very efficient in terms of speed and accuracy.

Our Campbell spindle repair and spindle rebuild comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty starts from the day of installation on the machine, not the day of shipment like many of our competitors. Call us to arrange your Campbell spindle repair and to get your spindle back into production. Toll free: 888-473-9675 GTI Spindle Technology.