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Fukuda FKD Spindle Repair

A Fukuda spindle repair came in this week to our N.H. facility for spindle rebuilding. Our first-rate technician Rich S. received this 10,000 -RPM japanese grease block spindle. He is very familiar with these Fukuda spindle repairs.

With his usual care & attention to detail he broke down the spindle and ran some basic diagnostic tests to determine the cause of the spindle failure. After his troubleshooting he gathered specific data & information that indicated the bearings were damaged. He took note of the reasons for the failure so as to advise our client for future preventions. He changed out the bearings & replaced them. He then balanced everything. It was a pretty basic fukuda spindle repair he said. It was test run for a longer period than usual due to the fact that the bearings are grease packed.

Our quality assurance technician then performed a series of tests to assure the spindle is operating at optimum efficiency and to fukuda spindle repair specifications. It passed final testing and was shipped out to our client who was anxious to have it back.