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How IoT and Predictive Maintenance Expedite Spindle Repair

In manufacturing, there are two ways to approach downtime. The first is to determine what can be done to avoid production halts altogether. The second is to assess how you can manage downtime so that it has the smallest possible impact on operations. Where traditional maintenance strategies were reactive and machine diagnosis was subjective, technological advancements in areas like the Internet of Things (IoT) have greatly reduced the frequency and duration of downtimes, enabling quick repairs and introducing long-term solutions.

Reactive Solutions: Downtime Every Time

It’s no industry secret that downtime, whether planned or not, is expensive. Between idle employees and production delays, the costs often accrue far faster than solutions are realized. Research has shown that manufacturing facilities experience an average of 800 hours of downtime annually, or more than 15 hours a week. Where every second counts, it’s easy to imagine how quickly the commas and zeroes begin to multiply.

Traditionally, a reactive approach has been taken when managing machine maintenance and downtime. Often subjective, technicians rely on a combination of senses (visual and audible) to attempt to diagnose machine failure. While years of experience may assist repair specialists in recognizing spindle faults, the short-term solutions tend to result in long-term problems down the line. Thankfully, technological advances have enabled a more targeted and analytical approach to mitigate downtime and introduce long-term remedies.

The Power of IoT Analytics

Technological advancements in IoT have revolutionized the way manufacturers approach machine maintenance. Now proactive, predictive maintenance programs utilize wireless sensors and remote monitoring to measure machine conditioning. Through powerful data analytics applications, technicians can identify at-risk machines and more accurately diagnose their health. Not only does this reduce the frequency of downtimes, but also allows spindle technicians to more quickly pin-point machine faults and solution paths, reducing the duration of halts as well.

When harnessing the power of IoT-driven analytics and predictive technologies, subjective guesswork is eliminated, and downtime frequency and duration is reduced. That’s why GTI Spindle Technology technicians apply advanced analytics to our spindle repair services to get your machines not only back up-and-running, but operating at maximum efficiency. Contact us to learn how we can apply our technology-fueled approach to maintenance to your processes.

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