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Why High-Quality Spindle Repair is Essential to CNC Manufacturers

Computer numerical control (CNC) machines are used extensively in manufacturing to automate many processes that would otherwise be performed manually. As a result, CNC driven machines increase productivity, reduce waste, and even minimize the risk of human error. However, due to the high degree of precision that CNC machines achieve, every piece of the equipment must be maintained to the highest standard. That’s why CNC manufacturers turn to independent spindle repair companies to get the most out of their equipment.

The Tolerances are Tight
The industry-standard tolerance for CNC machines is +/- 0.005″, but some industries require even tighter tolerances. For many manufacturers, it’s not unusual to machine parts with tolerances of +/- 0.002″. As a frame of reference, an average piece of paper is about 0.003″ thick. To ensure production accuracy within the thickness of a piece of paper every part of the equipment has to be finely tuned and professionally maintained. Lubrication, debris, vibration, and moisture issues can all damage spindles and reduce the efficiency of the CNC machine over time and diminish the accuracy in the short term. For industries with especially stringent tolerances and high stakes (such as aerospace manufacturing), ensuring consistency literally saves lives. GTI holds tolerances of 0.0001″ or better on all repairs that we conduct.

The Cost of Disruption is Prohibitive
As with all manufacturing, the cost of breakdowns in CNC production can be enormous. From repair expenses to ballooning labor fees and lost productivity. There is nothing more terrifying to a manufacturer than unplanned downtime. While this is just as true on the final product assembly line, the fact remains that in CNC manufacturing the expectations are higher, and the cost of the equipment is significant. CNC machines are state of the art and having one out of operation due to a broken spindle represents a significant investment loss. Professional, independent spindle repair companies can often diagnose and fix problems in machining, grinding, turning, and boring spindles faster than OEMs and get the manufacturer back into operation. 

Technology Advances Faster Than Manufacturers Can Keep Up
Studies show that CNC machining is on the rise with some predicting the overall CNC market to reach 100 billion by 2025. As this equipment evolves and becomes more integrated with IoT enabled devices it will be essential for manufacturers to have spindle repair experts to stay apprised of developments. Independent spindle repair companies with an expertise in predictive maintenance programs such as vibration analysis and thermography will be vital to stay competitive in an ever-evolving global marketplace.

For quick and professional spindle repair for all major brands of CNC machines contact the professionals at GTI Spindle Technology today.

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