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X-Phase for iPad Released

24 June 2016 – GTI Predictive Technology, Inc., creators of the VibePro iPad Data Collector, announce X-Phase for iPad. The new application enables cross channel phase analysis on the iPad.

X-Phase is compatible with either GTI’s 3 port, 2-channel DAQ box for wired accelerometers or with the GTI-220 wireless sensor. A second accelerometer is required for X-Phase. Current VibePro users that already have two accelerometers can download X-Phase from the App Store and start using it immediately.

Application features include:
– Record the vibration amplitude and cross-phase values for each measurement
– 2-channel real-time vibration spectrums
– Complete PDF report

Report sharing is available via email or printing. Save reports locally to the built-in report manager. Reports feature machine information, GPS location, asset picture and vibration data.

X-Phase is now available on the App Store for $89.00. Packages that include an industrial case, iPad, 2 accelerometers and X-Phase are available from GTI Predictive. Learn more by contacting GTI Predictive Technology at or calling us at (888) 473-9675.

About GTI Predictive Technology:
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