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VibePro 7.3 Released: Adds 3 Major Features

04 March 2016: GTI Predictive Technology, Inc., creators of the iPad Data Collector, unveiled VibePro 7.3 – a major new update to GTI’s groundbreaking vibration analysis application for iPad. Developed specifically for the iPad, VibePro provides a simple and easy solution to performing vibration analysis on the iPad. New in version 7.3 are features many of our customers have been asking for. 

Time wave form support is now available. Users can record anywhere from 1 to 6 seconds of TWF data. Measurements taken in this format are included in the main VibePro route and sent up to VibePro Online for full analysis and reporting. VibePro Online provides analysis of the TWF as an acceleration FFT, velocity FFT, or displacement FFT, as well as, the original TWF.

Rearranging the machines in the route has also been added. This greatly requested feature required a great deal of engineering time to rewrite both the iPad and web app to recognize this kind of major database change. When in edit mode a simple tap and drag allows the user to easily reorganize the order of the machines.

Another tentpole feature in this release is one specifically for our oldest customers. As some databases grow now over 4 years old; some customers were looking for an easy way to clean out the old data. New in version 7.3 is the ability to mass archive measurement data. The user selects how many measurements per point that is desired to keep and the old data is removed from the database. Several backup options are available in VibePro for customers wishing to retain the historical data for their records. 

Other new features include:

  • Option to manually enter start/end frequency values in spectrum
  • Added overall window calculation to user selected frequency spectrum 
  • Performance enhancements

VibePro 7.3 is a free upgrade to owners of VibePro. Pricing for new customers and information about VibePro can be obtained by contacting GTI Predictive Technology at or calling us at (888) 473-9675.

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