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Important VibePro 6 Update Information

VibePro 6 has now been released to the App Store. We have invested a great deal of time and effort into re-building VibePro from the ground up to bring some fantastic new features to our customers. We are exited for you to see what we have built for you.

Unfortunately in our effort to do so we had to make some major restructuring changes to make this happen. On top of that Apple has also made extreme changes in the operating system. These changes have caused an update glitch. Below is a simple workaround to this glitch.

1. Calibration Number: Verify that you have a screenshot of your calibration number in the photos app. Some users may have deleted this. If that is the case open up VibePro and hit the CAL button to record that number. An example screenshot is below.


2. Backup Vibration Data: Connect your iPad to iTunes to backup your vibration readings. Below is a screenshot of where in iTunes you need to go. (Dropbox users can skip this step)


3. iOS 7: Verify that your iPad has been updated to iOS 7. It is required for use of VibePro 6. You can update using either iTunes or by going into the settings app of the iPad. The screenshots below show where on the iPad you can go to update to iOS 7.


4. Uninstall VibePro: Tap and hold on the VibePro icon. The icons should start shaking. Tap on the “x” to uninstall VibePro. The screenshots below show what it should look like.

5. Install and Update VibePro:Open up the App Store and ensure you are logged into the account that VibePro was purchased with. You can check which account you are logged into by scrolling to the bottom of the featured tab. The account information was included in the paperwork shipped with every iPad. Tap the search box on the top right to search for VibePro. There should be a cloud symbol that allows you to download it again for free.

Tap the cloud icon to download VibePro. Stay in the App Store until it installs. Hit the update button if that is shown. (If you see a price there it indicates that you are not logged into the correct iTunes account.) The screenshots below will show you what you should be looking at for the install and update process.


If you want to learn even more about VibePro 6 you can check out this VibePro 6 tutorial playlist. The playlist will continued to be updated with new training videos to help you make the most out of VibePro 6.

The GTI team thanks you for your patience and understanding to accomplish what we feel is the best predictive maintenance device and software on the market. The ease-of-use and new features we hope are going to blow you away.

Keep in contact with us as we will be releasing a new wireless laser alignment system to complete this package soon! You can find more info about GTI at Feel free to contact me via email or by calling 603.669.5993.

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