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3 Questions to Ask About Your Next Spindle Repair Warranty

Spindle-Repair-WarrantyWhether you’re running a CNC mill, grinder, or lathe your machine’s spindle is a critical component, and daily operations subject it to tremendous pressures. These pressures all but ensure that your spindle will, at some point in its lifespan, require repair.

For these reasons, we consider the warranty offered on a repaired spindle to be a key purchase factor. If you aren’t careful, you could often wind up in an unfavorable position, possibly spending way more money than you should over the long run.

So, what makes a spindle repair warranty stand out from the rest? Here are our thoughts:

How Long Does the Warranty Last?
This one is pretty cut and dry. The longer the warranty period, the better. Many companies will warranty their work for 6 months, some as long as 12 months – twice the coverage!

When Does Warranty Period Start?
More important than how long a warranty lasts, is when the warranty actually begins.

For many spindle OEMs and third party repair companies, the warranty becomes effective the moment the spindle leaves their shop. If you’re lucky, perhaps the warranty won’t kick in until delivery at your facility is confirmed. But the fact is, there’s a high likelihood that your newly repaired spindle is going to sit around at your shop for a while before it gets reinstalled. Unfortunately, you’ll often find that your warranty has expired long before you have even used it.

The gold standard for a warranty’s effective date is when the spindle is actually back in service. This way, the warranty is active during the spindle’s active lifespan, not while it sits on a shelf.

Who’s Allowed to Install the Spindle?
Another key factor to watch out for – installation clauses. Often, OEMs will include language specifying that installation by anyone but their own technicians automatically voids the warranty. This could lead to increased, and often unnecessary costs for customers — up to several thousand dollars. It can also add delays while waiting on technician availability.

A fair and flexible spindle repair warranty shouldn’t have such limitations, instead allowing the client to choose their own installer, often a company employee, and timeframe.

While repairing your spindle is often a better option than replacing it, you’ll need to smart about the warranty. Ask the questions we’ve outlined for you. Make sure you have a warranty that’s designed to work with you, and not cost you more down the road.

We don’t care much for back-patting at GTI, but we are proud to offer one of the spindle repair industry’s most customer-centric warranties. The warranty features listed above — fair timeframes, logical effective dates, and full installation freedom — are the foundations of our standard spindle repair warranty.