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What the Future of Manufacturing Means for Spindle Repair

Contrary to popular belief, the manufacturing industry in the United States is stronger than ever. In fact, it’s the strongest in the world and is responsible for nearly 20% of all the world’s goods. However, it is true that manufacturing has changed immensely in the past few decades and will continue to evolve in the future. Factors such as outsourcing, automation, and the leaps and bounds computer technology makes every year will drastically impact every facet of manufacturing. For those companies trying to keep up and maintain a competitive edge, it’s critical to understand how the evolution of the manufacturing landscape affects spindle repair.

Outsourcing Puts OEMs Farther from Their Products

With outsourcing on the rise, many industries make the bulk of their products internationally in places like Asia, Africa, and Mexico. While this greatly reduces the labor costs for the OEM, it also increases the distance between them and where their products will be in use. As anyone who works in manufacturing knows, downtime is the death of productivity. Every minute a plant is shut down is money lost. The shipping and logistics required for OEMs to repair many of their own products adds enormously to the downtime costs for their customers as machines stay out of operation. For this reason, many OEMs partner with independent repair specialists to provide closer support. Independent repair technicians can also provide onsite repairs for many common spindle problems to get the production line up and running even faster.

The Skilled Labor Shortage Makes Hiring Competitive

Currently, the manufacturing industry is experiencing a severe labor shortage. As equipment evolves and U.S. machinery becomes more complex, the need for skilled labor has skyrocketed. Many companies are turning to high schools and creating outreach programs to encourage the next generation to pursue careers in manufacturing. However, recruiting the right talent isn’t cheap. Some estimates place the cost of recruiting experienced, skilled labor at over 100% the annual salary cost. For this reason, it’s often inefficient for manufacturers to rely on in-house technicians for all their spindle repair needs. Independent companies specialize in recruiting and training the best candidates, and with their broad customer base, these technicians typically have a much greater depth of knowledge – handling all kinds of repairs every single day.

The Exponential Growth of Technology Makes Staying Ahead More Difficult

It’s long been said that computer technology makes significant advancements every 18-months, thanks to the technological exponential growth known as Moore’s Law. Recently, researchers at MIT found that Moore’s Law can be applied with similar accuracy to technological growth across many industries including manufacturing. With every new piece of equipment or accessory, there becomes a need to master a new skill set. In order to avoid falling behind, manufacturers rely on high-end independent repair companies to keep apprised of the latest advancements in their industry.

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