Vibration Analysis
The heart of predictive maintenance is a good vibration monitoring program. Combined with our other predictive tools, VibePro7 provides an affordable alternative to the current offering of vibration tools on the market. Route data collection, onsite analysis and remote web based vibration data analysis make this a powerful solution for any reliability maintenance program.

Empower your company with one of our many Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) vibration analysis solutions. GTI’s tools were built from the ground up with the modern connected world in mind. Either Wi-Fi or cellular data enables our platform to communicate with a powerful cloud server that utilizes smart algorithms to inform, educate, and offer the tools needed to run a facility with maximum efficiency.

Introducing VibePro Tect – GTI’s Complete Solution:
A turnkey spindle monitoring system that constantly monitors and protects CNC spindles from running unbalanced tools, aggressive cuts, and crashes.
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VibePro 24/7 completes the solution with wireless online condition monitoring.
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VibePro 24/7 Starter Kit Permanent Mount Accelerometer Starter Kit
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VibePro 24/7 Route Data Collector
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VibePro 8: Advanced Route Data Collection and Analysis
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VibePro 7: GTI’s premier flagship vibration analysis application. Features include single measurement reporting, route data collection, machine maintenance events (to track repairs done to asset), VibePro Online integration, TWF capture and more.
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VibePro Online: A web application for PC based reporting and post-processing for data collected with VibePro.
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PhasePro: True phase analysis machine condition monitoring app that records 1X phase and amplitude values for different measuring points using a tachometer.
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X-Phase: A cross-phase vibration measurement app, allows user to measure cross-phase vibration between two sensor positions.
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VibeRMS: An app for asset documentation and certification.
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GTI-220 Gen 3 Sensor: Bluetooth Single-Channel Accelerometer
For those that need a truly wireless solution, it is also available as an intrinsically safe solution.
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VibePro DAQ: 3-port, 2-channel data acquisition box for wired accelerometers and tachometers, great for dual-plane balancing.
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Bluetooth Wireless Vibration Sensor
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Bluetooth Wireless Vibration Sensor For Hazardous Locations
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