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Spindle Upgrades

Your Broken Spindle May Not Need to Be Replaced

If you need expert spindle upgrade services for your existing equipment but it utilizes exotic materials and hybrid bearings, then GTI Spindle Technology can help get  you running ag. We recognize that it’s costly to replace existing equipment, but it is extremely important for you to keep up with today’s production requirements.

Optimized Spindle Materials, Parts, and Tolerances for Upgrades

We determine your best spindle upgrade solution to help you reduce down time, improve cycle time, and maintain the size and quality of parts produced. GTI Spindle Technology can furnish appropriate spindle materials and spindle parts needed for your job, from exotic materials to hybrid parts. We determine the optimal tolerances, and test all upgrades to those tolerances. For instance, housing bores and shaft bearings will meet a tolerance level under .00005 for total indicated runout as well as size. Reconditioned quill pilot faces and ID readings will not exceed .00005, and will comply with OEM specifications for size. Spacers, retaining nuts, shaft shoulders and pertinent alignment dimensions will be ground flat and parallel to within .00005. All spindle and motor parts will be balanced to an ISO Grade Scale of 0.4.

Powerful Spindle Upgrades and Procedures

Upon completion of assembly, spindles will undergo a specified warm up procedure to allow proper break-in of the precision bearings. Then the spindle or motor will be balanced at speed to achieve the minimal amplitude of vibration at its running speed. Final vibration tests will read at .0395 over all velocity, and displacement specifications will be consistent with recommended ISO Grade Scale. Acceleration will be measured across the entire bandwidth to insure proper bearing condition.

The Spindle Upgrade Process Will Conclude With a Final Quality Control Inspection

  • Variable Speed High Frequency Drives complete with spindle protection faults
  • Oil injection lubrication units to reduce the amount of oil mist in the production environment and reduce both air and oil consumption over 2/3
  • Acoustical sensors for GAP control and precision dressing to reduce cycle time and wheel wear
  • Spindle speed range upgrades
  • SNFA precision class spindle bearings (GTI Bearing Technology)

Our combined total of over 100 years experience in selling and servicing machine tool and spindle products and services, and an alliance with the best known parts manufacturers in the industry, makes us your best upgrade resource. One year warranty for all manufactured spindles and remanufactured spindles.

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