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On Site Spindle Taper Grinder

Spindle Repair at Your Location

Our onsite spindle repair service includes restoring the precision tool holding taper on your spindle without doing a complete spindle repair. As shown in the video above, we have a custom built portable taper grinding machine. We can regrind the spindle taper at your location without having to remove the spindle from the floor. Our portable taper grinding system can be used on both vertical and horizontal machining centers, as well as many other types of milling machines. The spindle taper grinding is performed by using the rotation of the spindle shaft within its own bearings. The spindle bearings and the complete rotating assembly must be in good condition for this work to be done. We can help you determine if your spindles would benefit from our on site taper grinding services. Call us for more information: 888.473-9675 GTI Spindle

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