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Repairs for Spindle Bearing Failure Due to Contamination and Other Causes for All Makes and Models

Don’t leave your spindle subject to contamination and a potential crash

Spindle bearing failure, more specifically failure due to bearing contamination, is a common cause of full spindle failure and GTI’s technicians can help. This problem results when substances enter the spindle and usually, because the spindle seal has failed. Contaminants include all foreign substances — airborne and liquid — and are not limited to; coolant ingress, water and/or condensation, poor lubricant storage, low quality coolant, internal component failure, flying chips and careless assembly or repair.

Apart from contamination additional causes resulting in bearing failure are fatigue, overloading, unbalanced tooling, and chip damage. At GTI we believe in prevention, first and foremost and in finding problems before they become emergencies. The unwanted ingress of any substance through your spindle’s seals is preventable with some simple steps.

Among them, do not let dirt and chips build up around the spindle shafts or seals. Before installing tools, clean the spindle tapers and pilot. Do not tighten cold tools in a hot spindle. Change air supply line filters regularly. Do not blow compressed air or coolant into seals. When removing air or lubrication lines for service make sure to bleed them before reconnection. Check your O-rings for wear and tear frequently and replace.

Precision is key, and Ben Franklin was right. “An ounce of prevention…” Prevention, problem solving. That’s what we’re all about.

GTI is positioned on the cutting edge of spindle technology. With our groundbreaking, wireless spindle predictive analysis we now have software sensors and iPad technology that let us stay connected with our customers through the entire life cycle of the spindle. We can find out why your spindle failed and stop it from happening in the future. We have the strictest quality control measures in the industry and often exceed OEM balance specifications by 20-40 percent, leaving your spindle operating smoother, longer and better.

“Everyone here is extremely happy with GTIs work last week. It’s nice to have a vendor-partner that you can count on to come through for you every time. And just so you know, I have been asked by many, many vendors to try their spindle services and turned down all of them. I also did something I never do which is offer my personal recommendation of your company to a gentleman that was calling on behalf of one of your competitors. I value my reputation and credibility too much to vouch for anyone else but I have made my first exception.”- HITACHI

GTI Spindle Technology is committed to meeting or exceeding OEM specifications and we offer a one-year guarantee on all your spindle bearing repairs. For contamination and other spindle bearing failure issues call us at, (603) 660-5993 or toll free, (888) 473-9675. Prevention, problem solving. That’s what we’re all about. We’ll get you back up and running, fast!