GTI Spindle Technology, Inc. represents the leading manufacturer of injection lubrication systems and parts, Bijur Delimon International. Unlike oil / air mist systems, these injection systems keep your equipment lubricated thoroughly and are cost-effective; all while minimizing environmental and safety hazards, from oil and grease pumps, to distribution and specialty fittings and accessories. GTI Spindle can supply you with what you need.

Bijur Oil – Air Lubrication Advantages

  • Precisely metered amount of oil provided to the lubrication points
  • More points can be lubricated with one system
  • Decreased oil consumption (up to 2/3 less oil!)
  • No environmental hazard to your workers from oil fog in the air or on floors
  • Cooler operating temperatures (typically 5-10 degrees lower)
  • High quality components, such as cast metal pumps (not plastic)
  • Bijur systems are fully serviced in the USA

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