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We strive to make sure customers are satisfied and happy with GTI's service and expertise. Below you'll find several testimonials from GTI Spindle customers.

“Thank you once again for postponing your previous engagements to come to Hunting and provide testing for us on such short notice. Your support, as well as GTI’s for our interests, is greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you for pulling out the stops and delivering the NHX spindle today. Considering these machines are working 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week, protecting our planned downtime window is critical. Also, thank you for the support of the other needs (DMU 5 axis inspection, etc.) while working on the NHX spindle. You know you are working with the right spindle guys when all of the OEM manufacturer field techs already have Paul’s phone number in their contacts.”

Medical, Aerospace and Defense Client in New England

“Please pass along a big THANK YOU to your staff for getting this turned around so quickly!”
Automotive Manufacturer in Eastern TN

A huge thank you to your team for working with us on getting thru this and back up and running.

GTI Spindle Customer – Sullivan County, NH

The spindle is running great and we can’t thank you guys enough for working with us and getting that done so quickly.

Aircraft Engine Manufacturer in NC

“I had two spindles rebuilt by GTI and I dealt exclusively with Lisa. This was for a major aerospace manufacturer’s facility in Singapore. It was, as you would assume, a rush project and GTI responded accordingly. I had the spindle shipped to Singapore and the maintenance manager had his techs install it and my feedback a month or so later from him and the operator was it was the best spindle in their shop. I was in contact with Lisa and there was never any doubt as where they were in the process.” – Fred

GTI Spindle Customer from Stony Brook, NY

“We installed the spindle and have been running it. Everything looks good. Its very quiet and the lack of run out is awesome. Good job and thanks!

Matt from Rockford, IL

“THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone at GTI for expediting the assembly, testing, inspection and sign off of the spindle. 

Jackie from Keene NH

“I was assigned to the Grinding department to improve the efficiency and costs of our operation. Spindle repair was a large portion of our expenses in this area and we were currently sending spindles to all the major spindle rebuilders Setco, Northland tool, GSM, Precision Spindle to name a few.

After approaching all the major spindle rebuilders, with a need for a Spindle Management Program for our facility. We received three quoted proposals from American Precision, Southeast Setco, and GTI Spindle Technology. We interviewed with each of the companies and Thomas Hoenig from GTI Spindle Technology approached me with a spindle and machine maintenance proposal that not only incuded the service of rebuilding our spindles but covered all aspects of spindle and machine maintenance. I awarded GTI with our account.

I must honestly state that through the full support of cause of failure reports, quarterly vibration analysis, and machine diagnostics that are all part of this program we were able to reduce our spending of over $100,000 in spindle repair to $30,000 and on pace for an improvement the following year.

This program is a success due to the fact that we found that there are a lot of companies that can do a great job repairing spindles, but GTI’s program works towards the resolve of why the spindles are failing and cooperates in solving the root cause of those failures. I would encourage any company sending spindles for repair to try this program, it works.” – Michael, Technical Specialist
GTI Spindle Customer from Windsor, CT

“The spindle has arrived at our facility. Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your help in getting spindle turned and back to us so quickly. We are installing it right now. Once again thanks and have a wonderful holiday” – Dustin

GTI Spindle Customer from Parsons, KS

“This is why I brag to everyone about you guys, you’re AWESOME!!!” – Jeff

GTI Spindle Customer from Kent, WA

“Hi Mark,

I cannot tell you how much your phone call and this email means to me and our collaboration. This is exactly the feeling I walked away with when I left your shop earlier this year. I knew that I was dealing with a group of talented people that not only offered great products and services, but also had integrity and professionalism to stand behind their work and support me and my team along the way. There is nothing more to say other than thank you.
I will review the report and get back to you as soon as I can.
FYI, xxx here in xxx California would benefit tremendously from incorporating your predictive products into their processes, so standby for more information regarding my inquiry into their process and interest in pursuing predictive diagnostic tools.
Best regards – Gary – President & CEO”
GTI Spindle Customer from Mountain View, CA

“Everyone here is extremely happy with GTIs work last week. It’s nice to have a vendor-partner that you can count on to come through for you every time. And just so you know, I have been asked by many, many vendors to try their spindle services and turned down all of them. I also did something I never do which is offer my personal recommendation of your company to a gentleman that was calling on behalf of one of your competitors. I value my reputation and credibility too much to vouch for anyone else but I have made my first exception.

Please pass along my thanks to your folks in the states-especially Eric and the guys in Bloomington.”
GTI Spindle Customer from Illinois

“I just wanted to let you know that you guys did a beautiful job on the spindle. I am going to let Andy know that you guys run a Class A operation over there. Thanks Again!”
GTI Spindle Customer from New York

“I’d like to thank the GTI folks for all of their efforts in support of my Grind Floor! – Regards, Chris”

GTI Spindle Customer from New Hampshire

“Wanted to let you know that we had machine run-off for customer acceptance last week for the grinders. The wheel heads you guys rebuilt worked very well and were well within Okuma specification. Thanks for a job well done. Take care.

GTI Spindle Customer

“We received the spindle today! Thank you all for your quick turn around on this! We will be installing it within a few days and will give you feedback on the performance. It’s a pleasure doing business with a company that understands the importance of minimizing down time. We will definitely keep you in mind for any future rebuilds.”

GTI Spindle Customer from New York

“I want to say thank you to you and your team for the great technical support and prompt response to my inquiries. Its great to do business with professional, skilled people who care about their customers!”

GTI Spindle Customer from Kansas

“Just giving you a heads up. Spindle has been up and running for about 1-1/2 weeks. Running GREAT. Finish we are receiving off the machine is like nothing I’ve see in a long time. Tell everybody involved I said thanks.”

GTI Spindle Customer from Bridgeport, New Jersey

“Thank you Lisa, It’s been a pleasure! Thank the team there for us.”

GTI Spindle Customer from Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts

“Spindle is in and has been running well since Saturday evening. I would like to thank all of you for an exceptional job.”
GTI Spindle Customer from Morristown, TN

“Please extend my sincere thanks to you and your staff. This is the reason we rely on GTI Spindle.”

GTI Spindle Customer from Greenwood, IN

“Thank you for doing a GREAT JOB of keeping me informed, its been great doing business with GTI.”

GTI Spindle Customer from Athens, GA

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