Our technicians perform high-speed precision repairs on all Makino spindles

Our Makino spindle repair and rebuild technicians can get your machine running like it did when it was brand new. No matter what industry—medical, aerospace, automotive, mold injection, etc.—whether you are a big or small business, we can help. We provide quality service to all of our customers. We understand that when your spindle is down, so is production. Ensure that your business continues to operate smoothly by letting our experts deal with all of your Makino spindle repair needs.

There are a few warning signs that your spindle is failing. Poor part quality, insufficient holding tolerance, or chatter can signify an issue with your spindle. Unusual sounds are also indicators of a spindle problem. Causes consist of, but are not limited to, minor or major impacts and lack of lubrication. However, we often find that contamination is the root cause of the problem, entering through the front and/or rear of the spindle.

When we receive a Makino spindle for repairs, we first complete an initial evaluation. At GTI, we have received spindles that ended up having only minor issues that could be corrected quickly. However, if the spindle is deemed in need of a repair or rebuild, we move on to breaking it down. We then record any and all needed requirements to get the spindle back to OEM specification status. This can include bearing journals, tapers, housing, electrical fields, and encoders. Then the quote process is started and generated for customer approval.

GTI Spindle will not proceed with any repair or rebuild until given proper approval from our end user. After approval, an evaluation of parts and re-qualification of needed components are conducted, and the spindle is cleaned of all contaminants. During assembly, all parts are re-measured, component balance is conducted on needed parts, the spindle is assembled, and finally it is balanced. Then it’s on to QC, which is conducted independently to ensure everything is satisfactory and to specification. Once we are sure that the spindle is running properly, we send it back your way.

What sets us apart from many of our competitors is that we have a dedicated station to verify and test every aspect of the critical spindle interfaces with the machine tool. We conduct tests utilizing a closed loop vacuum system for lubrication and cooling, which is absolutely essential to ensure that the spindle does not leak when installed in the machine. We also check all electronic interfaces, including, but not limited to, encoder feedback and proximity switch state feedback.

Our Makino spindle repair and spindle rebuild comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty starts from the day of installation on the machine, not the day of shipment like many of our competitors. Call us to arrange your Makino spindle repair and to get your spindle back into production. Think you need a Makino spindle replacement or repair? Call to discuss your options. Toll free: 888-473-9675 GTI Spindle Technology

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