GTI Predictive Services


In today’s competitive market, companies simply can’t afford any disruptions due to unexpected equipment failure. This is especially true of mission critical assets like industrial robots, machine tools and other equipment with rotating components.

GTI’s Predictive Services leverages award-winning vibration analysis technology to predict when an asset may fail or deviate from set tolerances. Knowing when a machine is going to need repair allows you to better plan maintenance around times of high production, optimizing your overall efficiency and profitability.

Two Options:
Cooperative Program – No Upfront Cost
You’re provided a complete set of GTI hardware and software to perform vibration and thermography route data collection—all from
an iPad. You also have access to balancing and alignment tools. Certified GTI technicians will provide analysis of the data you collect.

Onsite Program – Let Us Do It
If you have limited staff or time, let GTI perform monthly vibration routes and provide extensive reports and actionable recommendations to keep your machines running at maximum efficiency.

Also Available:
Robotic Signature Analysis (RSA)
GTI Predictive Technology is boldly supporting robotic manufacturing with a new service to analyze and identify potential problems before they occur. Using GTI’s wireless accelerometers, we can work around guarding and cages to collect data, while maintaining user safety.

As a result, we can detect:
• Faulty gears
• Gear support bearings
• Bearing wear in servo drives and motors
• Problems with VFDs that trigger the drive to fail or go into alarm

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