Series PS-RG

Grinding Motorized Spindles
Electrospindles for grinding operations with traditional grindstones or in CBN for applications on traditional machine tools or CNC. Of small sizes, they have HF motor with high performances and especially, hybrid ceramic bearings lubricated exclusively with a minimal air-oil system which guarantee a long life time. The structure and the material used for the shafts guarantee a very good constructive rigidity with very low balancing values ( 0.2-0.5 mm/sec ), in order to have a very high finishing degree and a very good material removal. The grindstones are fixed, according to the models, with SCHAUBLIN collets D type or with grindstone extensions realised according to the request of the customer. On some models are moreover provided grindstone attachment HSK-C in order to obtain a major rigidity and a quick grindstone substitution.


Series PS-JG

High Speed Heads for Planetary Grinding Operations
High speed heads for planetary grinding operations. It is a range of accessories of high precision to grind holes ( from Ø 2 till to Ø 300 and more if they are used together with platform U-TRONIC D’ANDREA.), profiles, cams ecc with manual or automatic radial movement according to the models. Of simple project, they are self cooled and the hybrid ceramic bearings are greased by permanent grease without any kind of maintenance for a life of about 6.000 working hours. The grindstone’ s speed is controlled in changeable and progressive mode by an apposite frequency electric converter with microprocessor very compact which can be ruled directly by the CN of the machine tool where the spindles are working. All the grinding heads are equipped with apposite wheel holder extensions for normal grindstones and with collets for grindstones with cylindrical attachment.