Series PS-TC / PS-TCV

Milling Spindles
Milling motorized spindles with automatic tool change for CNC. They are equipped with:

  • Sensors to check the tool change operations.
  • Hybrid ceramic bearings greased with permanent grease with no maintenance for average lifetime of approximately 6.000 hours of work or with minimal air-oil system for high speed.
  • Motors HF with high performances, asynchronous and synchronous according to the applications, provided of thermal switch KTY 84 to protect them.
  • Vector control to do the indexing shaft and the rigid tapping.
  • Liquid passage through electrospindles to cool the tools.
  • Internal liquid circuit to cool the motor HF and the bearings in order to guarantee stability and precision of the electrospindle.
  • Front pressurisation with air barrier and protection labyrinth.
  • Arbor cleaning during tool change operations.


Series PS-M

Milling Motorized Spindles
This series of motorized spindles is very compact and suitable for operations of milling, drilling and general metal working where a very high precision of the execution is necessary. Of simple conception, these Electrospindles are supplied with manual tool change for application on simple production machine tools where is not necessary a frequent substitution of the tool. They are made with high performances motors and hybrid ceramic bearings, they can be supplied with bearing’s lubrication by permanent grease without any kind of maintenance or with minimal air-oil system for high speed. On demand they can be made with fixing flange on the external body.


Series PS-A

Milling Motorized Spindles
Milling Portable Motorized Spindles
Motorized spindles of new generation for machine tools and CNC to be used in the finishing of moulds, models ecc. Compact, strong, they are equipped with innovative technical solutions ( hybrid ceramic bearings greased by permanent grease without any kind of maintenance, compensation of the axial dilatation, inductive motors with high performances with thermal switch for protection and small sizes) to obtain very good results in the work operations also in case of long and heavy use. The models A-1/A-2/A-3/A-4 are self cooled and they don’t need the liquid cooling although if they have it for some very heavy working operations. They are supplied in the versions with direct attachment of the collets SCHAUBLIN D type and some models with manual attachment HSK-C or HSK-E for the automatic tool change (other kind of arbor on request).