Series PS-ES

Block Style Spindles

This series of electrospindles is particularly indicated for all those applications where it is required the assembling of the spindle on a surface or inside a bracket, for example on 5 axis machine tools or on tilting heads. For this type of Electrospindles our first target is the flexibility in the project which allows us to find or adapt a solution according to the specific customer’s request. These types of Electrospindles are made of alloy with high mechanical resistance in order to reduce the weight, they are supplied with powers up to 50 Kw and are equipped with tool holders ISO-BT or HSK. The bearings lubrication is done by permanent grease without any kind of maintenance or with minimal air-oil system for high speed.

To make the maintenance easier in case of damage, the Electrospindle and the piston are made in a cartridge in order not to remove the square body from the machine tool, keeping unchanged the geometry and the precision of the machine tool head. To increase the compactness of the Electrospindle all the services are made in the central part of the square body and are projected upon specific customer’s request.