When it comes to your Heald spindle replacement or repair call the technicians and support staff at GTI Spindle Technology. GTI is one of the oldest, largest and most trusted spindle repair companies in the world and our mission is to minimize machine downtime, getting you back to production.

Did you know that almost all Heald spindle failures can be remedied with repair services from GTI? In fact many clients come to us looking for a full spindle replacement, but the reality is, although we can replace your spindle entirely, there is a better than not chance we can repair your damaged spindle quickly, and cost effectively.

GTI provides professional services of the highest quality and quick turnaround times from our many facilities. We have decades of experience working with clients from a variety of industries – including manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, and heavy construction. Our customers know they can trust our expertise and unsurpassed customer service.

Your Heald handles a range of duties, from heavy-duty milling to holding tight tolerances in critical applications, and its replacement or repair is just a part of the extensive range of the spindle services and applications we provide. Your production revolves around spindle performance and our Heald spindle repair and replacement program is set up for results that ensure minimal down time in your cycle.

Spindle Replacement and Repair | Unsurpassed Customer Service and Decades of Experience

When a repair isn’t feasible due to catastrophic failure, obsolescence or cost our repair technicians can lead you through the replacement process. It is also wise to have a spare or replacement spindle in you inventory should such failures occur.

If your spindle is repairable, our Heald spindle technicians have state-of-the-art, in-house resources and decades of experience, giving them the edge in high-precision Heald spindle repair work. We have full access to parts as well as complete remanufacturing capabilities, allowing us to bring your spindle back to the high standards Heald set during the manufacturing process.

SPINDLE FAILURE ANALYSIS | Our Guaranteed 6-Point Spindle Repair Evaluation

Many factors can cause permanent spindle failure; exterior heat conditions, high radial load, high axial load, unbalanced tooling, actuation while running, improper power consumption, taper sticking/slipping, and shipping damage.

Our thorough procedures for spindle failure analysis, predictive analysis and complete spindle testing have made us one of the largest and premiere repair specialists in all of North America. We offer both in-house and on-site repairs as well as emergency assistance. Our 6-point spindle evaluation is done free of charge and our quotes are based on this comprehensive evaluation.


  • Determines bearing condition, level of unbalance, non-repetitive run out


  • Pilot ID or taper run out on tool end of shaft to determine possible spindle crash or improper tooling
  • Rear taper run out inspection to determine possible over tightening of belts or improper tooling
  • Pre-load test to determine bearing wear or spindle crash


  • Pilot ID or taper inspection to determine spindle crash, improper tooling or overheating
  • Bearing journal inspection to determine improper bearing fits or use of spindle after initial failure
  • Overall shaft condition to determine crash, overheating, lack of coolant or overloading

Point 4           BEARING CONDITION

  • Inspection of bearings performed under lab conditions by factory-trained bearing specialists to determine; lack of lubrication, over speeding, spindle crash, overloading, loss of preload, contamination (coolant or other material) or overheating due to electrical problems


  • We recommend spindle design changes or enhancements to improve spindle longevity and/or performance. For example, if a spindle has failed due to contamination, a design change such as new labyrinth nuts, air purging, hybrid bearings or improved sealing design will be recommended and implemented


  • By implementing a spindle care and installation seminar, premature spindle failures can be reduced by 33-50%
  • By informing our customers of appropriate alarm levels of specified spindles, catastrophic damage may be avoided, reducing repair costs and lead times

Common Heald Spindle Repair Models

  • 271
  • 409
  • 501
  • GPF60

In the event you need a replacement, our sales and technical teams will recommend the right replacement spindle. The spindle model we ship will arrive with a one-year warranty from the time it makes it to your shop floor.

Replacement Spindles | GTI and PERON SPEED

Among the replacement spindles we sell:

Your Heald Replacement Spindle Should Only Come From the Spindle Repair and Technology Leader, GTI

For replacement or repair of your Heald spindle with fast, prompt shipping – call the industry’s trusted performers. We’ll have your replacement spindle or spindle repair shipped to you and in production faster and more effectively than our competition. Call today (888) 473-9675.