The promise of affordable wireless online condition monitoring is now a reality!

An unmonitored machine is more likely to break down. When machines break down, not only do they cost money to fix, they extend losses into the future. GTIDiagnostics can predict failure before it occurs so fixes can occur before crises do.

An innovative condition monitoring system for pumps, motors and other rotating industrial and commercial equipment, GTIDiagnostics vibration monitoring system was designed as an affordable, integrated suite of products that puts condition monitoring and predictive maintenance within practical reach of medium and small operations – anyone that demands the best protection and longest life from key machinery.

GTIDiagnostics is a truly wireless solution – no cables to a wireless junction box – offering cost-effective predictive maintenance sensors for industrial equipment. The system provides continuous remote monitoring of key performance indicators to track the operating health of equipment. The system includes a network of wireless vibration sensors, and a receiver node that talks directly to the collection server. Data captured is then available for monitoring and analysis through the web application anywhere in the world 24/7.

We can help with site surveys, installations, training and remote data analysis to ensure you have a successful condition monitoring program.

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