High Speed Precision Repairs on All Toyoda Spindles

Our Toyoda spindle repair processes are the best in the business. We have state-of-the-art in-house resources and manufacturer trained technicians, so that your repaired spindle will be better than new when we ship it back to you. More importantly, we have full access to parts as well as complete manufacturing capabilities that allows us to repair your machine tool spindle properly the very first time. GTI is the spindle company for your Toyoda service and repair requirements.


Toyoda Spindle Machines We Service:

Vertical Machining Center – Standard

  • FV965
  • FV1564
  • FV1680
  • FV1165
  • FV2090

Vertical Machining Center – High Speed

  • FV1465S
  • FV1265S
  • FV850S
  • FV1050S

Horizontal Machining Center

  • FH400J
  • FH450S
  • FH550
  • FH1000SX
  • FA1050
  • FH1250SX
  • FH630S
  • FH630SX
  • FH630R

5 Axis Machining

  • UG800
  • UG550

Bridge and Gantry Machining Center

  • SB Series
  • RB Series
  • LB Series

Turning Centers

  • SUB Inverted
  • ERGO Inverted
  • PRONTO Inverted
  • MAXER Inverted
  • TANDEM Inverted


  • CAM Grinder
  • Crank Grinder
  • High-Production Flexible Machining Series

Our Toyoda spindle repair service will give you a spindle that will return to the floor as good as new. We offer one year warranty after every repair and re manufacturing. Call us at 888.473.9675 or you can mail us at info@gtispindle.com for an estimate on time and cost.

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