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Spindle Predictive Technology

Use your iPad as a state of the art vibration analyzer, balancer, and alignment testing. Used in conjunction with our custom hardware and the VibePro apps, you can anticipate breakdowns and adjust balancing on the factory floor. This low cost ultra precise technology will extend the productive life of your spindle and save money on repairs and down time.
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Toyoda Spindle Repair

Customers profit from the knowledge and expertise of GTI technical team for all Toyoda spindle machine tool repair requirements. Irrespective of the application or the industry, we have the in house competences to respond efficiently and quickly to guarantee that the Toyoda machining centers always stays operational. We provide our customers with thorough spindle machine tool repair services that include comprehensive analysis; spindle removal; repair; testing & re-installation by an expert technician. We also provide our customers with detailed documentation of repair work done on their Toyoda spindle machine tools.

Machines We Service

Vertical Machining Center - Standard
  • FV965
  • FV1564
  • FV1680
  • FV1165
  • FV2090

Vertical Machining Center - High Speed
  • FV1465S
  • FV1265S
  • FV850S
  • FV1050S

Horizontal Machining Center
  • FH400J
  • FH450S
  • FH550
  • FH1000SX
  • FA1050
  • FH1250SX
  • FH630S
  • FH630SX
  • FH630R

5 Axis Machining
  • UG800
  • UG550

Bridge and Gantry Machining Center
  • SB Series
  • RB Series
  • LB Series

Turning Centers
  • SUB Inverted
  • ERGO Inverted
  • PRONTO Inverted
  • MAXER Inverted
  • TANDEM Inverted

  • CAM Grinder
  • Crank Grinder
  • High-Production Flexible Machining Series

We offer 1 year warranty for our manufactured spindles & re-manufactured spindles. For all your spindle repair solutions, call us on our Toll Free Number: 888.473.9675 or write to us at and do ask about our assured cost reduction program.
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Learn more about GTI Spindle Technology

We have someone taking customer calls 24 hours a day. We can give you an estimate on cost and the time we need to get your spindle back to the floor within a day or two.

AND we pick up and deliver. We have three state of the art facilities located around the country, so you can save time and money for shipping. OR we can come to your site and do the spindle repair at your location.


iPad Vibration Analyzer